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It seems like every week a new social network emerges among the virtual ranks. As a business owner, you may struggle with content management. Google+ can be extremely useful, and perhaps a welcome change from Facebook; you just need to share valuable content and fill your feed with the content you want to see. Here are 3 tips that will help you actually start using Google+ as the well-designed, useful social network that we know it can be.

  1. Mass Add Users to your Circles: The problem for many Google+ users is that it seems like no one else is using the service. Just like with Facebook, you need to connect with a ton of users to extract much value.
  2. Follow Publications and Users: Even more so than Facebook, Google+ can act as an RSS feed woven in with the updates from your friends. Chances are the publications you subscribe to and read have a Google+ account that they push their content to; the same goes with public figures and politicians.
  3. +1 Things: +1 buttons are all over the Internet, allowing you to share content easily through your Google+ account. Sharing a piece of content by +1ing it also tells the Google+ community, and the Google search engine that this piece of information is valuable.