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Celebrity makeup artist Kym Lee, a 20-year veteran to the beauty industry, has brushed the faces of countless celebrity clients throughout her career. After training under the expert hands of Derrick Rutledge, Kym dedicated her career to the beautification of others. Her talents and works landed her on the highly coveted creative team for the remake of Sparkle. The motion picture Sparkle is a musical film starring Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, Carmen Ejogo, Derek Luke, Ceelo Green, Mike Epps and Tika Sumpter. Hand picked by the movie’s producers, Kym played an instrumental role in the creation of the beauty looks for the star-studded production.

The highly anticipated film is set to release on August 17, 2012 and is predicted to receive raving reviews for its beauty looks and concepts. During filming and production, Kym Lee’s primary focus, was the execution of the creative designs and color presentations for Whitney Houston, Tika Sumpter and lead character, Carmen Ejogo. Sadly, during the post-production of Sparkle Whitney Houston passed in an untimely death. This was Houston’s last film and Kym’s first to work with her. Kym was Houston’s principal makeup artist, as she recalls the many precious moments of working with music superstar, “It was an honor working for such a legendary icon”, she says.

With notable celebrity clients like Debra Lee, Kerry Washington, Meagan Goode, Angela Bassett and Omarosa, Kym is excited to continue her work in film and print as she flourishes in her career.  “After my first film, Jumping the Broom, I was bitten by the production bug”. I love creating concepts and telling beautiful stories through my artistry”, says Lee.